How do I make a complaint concerning animal cruelty?

Call 612-866-8663 in the metro area, or 1-877-8ANIMAL anywhere within the state of Minnesota.  Normally our phones are answered during regular business hours.  However, you may also leave the alleged violator’s name, address, and phone number if you know it on our voicemail.  We need a description of the number and type of animal and a brief description of your concerns and complaints.  If possible, providing directions to the violator’s address is always appreciated.

Will I receive follow-up information regarding  the outcome of the investigation?

The anonymity of both the complainant and the alleged violator(s) are protected by the MFHS.  The results of our investigation often result in criminal investigation, which requires us to keep our results confidential.

How do I make a donation to Minnesota Federated Humane Societies (MFHS)?

Donations are accepted by mail, credit card, or through the secure donations page on this website.  If you wish to mail your donation, send it to:  MFHS, 6613 Penn Avenue South, Suite 100, Richfield, MN 55423.  Donations to the MFHS are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.  The MFHS is a Minnesota, non-profit corporation, tax exempt under the provisions of I.R.C. 501(c)(3).  The MFHS receives no government funding.

When was MFHS founded?

MFHS was formed in 1986, by representatives of county humane societies in Minnesota.  It was incorporated in 1987 by act of the Minnesota State Legislature.

How do I become a volunteer state humane agent?

We conduct training seminars annually.  To be contacted with notices about our upcoming seminars, please contact our offices and leave your name, address, and phone number and we will contact you prior to our upcoming training seminars.

How do I locate a lost pet?

Immediately look for it in your area.  If you do not find it in the immediate area, report the pet missing to your local animal control officials, local police department, and area humane society.  Call these facilities on a frequent basis until you find your lost pet.  Many municipalities use local veterinary clinics for the impounding of stray animals.  You should check with these impounds on a daily basis.  Also, you may want to post flyers in your neighborhood in at least a 2-mile radius.  The Federation maintains a contact list of animal control facilities and humane societies within Minnesota.  Feel free to contact us for assistance in finding your lost pet.

How do I locate a humane society?

Contact MFHS and we can notify you of the closest humane society to your address.  Our website also contains information on most of the humane societies in Minnesota.  Remember that most humane societies do not have shelters and care for animals through foster care.

What should I do if I find a stray animal?

Contact your local animal control or humane society and notify them of the location of the animal so they may come and pick it up.