Our Mission

The Federation fulfills its mission by performing a variety of tasks, including:

  • Investigates animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect cases in Minnesota
  • Obtains court warrants to seize and rescue animals who are being cruelly treated or who are kept in substandard living conditions
  • Interacts with other humane organizations and law enforcement agencies to investigate complaints and to set animal care standards
  • Promotes the development of local humane societies in Minnesota
  • Drafts and supports improved animal welfare legislation
  • Promotes humane education
  • Acts as a public information and resource center
  • Acts as the principal news media contact in Minnesota on animal welfare issues

Member Humane Practices & Procedures:

  • Will remain in compliance with all local, state and federal laws,rules and regulations regarding animal care.
  • Will be incorporated as a Minnesota non-profit corporation, and have obtained tax exempt public charity status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Will not voluntarily sell or transfer animals to institutions to be used  for medical or trauma research.
  • Will provide each animal in its care adequate and appropriate: Food & nutrition; always available clean, potable water suitable for healthful human consumption.
  • Will not house animal in overcrowded conditions. Shelters and cages must be of adequate size to allow the animal free movement. Shelters and cages must be clean, free of waste, and designed for the  safety of the animal. Shelters will endeavor to keep animal feed separated from cleaning supplies, and other dangerous substances.
  • Will provide all necessary and reasonable veterinary care to treat disease and injury, including an examination by a veterinarian within 5 working days of receiving custody of the animal.
  • Will provide each animal under its care adequate and daily exercise periods sufficient to maintain muscle tone and proper body weight.
  • Will scan each incoming animal for the presence of an identification microchip within 24 hours.
  • Will spay or neuter all animals to be placed for adoption to the extent the financial resources of the organization allow.

Programs and Services provided by the Federation have included:

  • Training workshops devoted exclusively to the education and training of humane agents and law enforcement officials. The Federation trains and appoints all State Humane Agents. For 2004, Federation certified and appointed 50 State Humane Agents to investigate cases of animal abuse or neglect.
  • Led the effort to pass Minnesota’s first felony animal cruelty law in 2001.
  • Monitors the prosecution of felony cases throughout Minnesota.
  • Publishes a comprehensive handbook of Minnesota’s animal welfare statutes for the use of State Humane Agents and local law enforcement officials.
  • Provides expert legal advice and consultation to law enforcement officials and county humane societies regarding animal cruelty issues and investigations.
  • Has held organizational meetings to start new humane societies in various parts of the state.  New groups are given assistance as needed.
  • Sponsors special workshops on such specific problems as euthanasia and horse abuse.
  • Issues a timely and complete report on animal legislation introduced and/or adopted at the state legislature each session.
  • Provides information and referral services on cases including animal cruelty, animal neglect, animal related legislation, and dangerous pet issues.
  • Publishes a periodic newsletter “Humane News” to help groups and individuals receive and exchange vital information.